Friday, May 28, 2010

Lewis and Clark

Our trip out west was... AMAZING! On Thursday the 20th we made it across Wisconsin and Minnesota and got a little turned around in North Dakota. North Dakota is...... interesting. We tried to make a shortcut to some State Forest campgrounds and ended up driving around in no mans land for what seemed like hours! But we finally found the park, Fort Ransom State Park (not creepy sounding at all). It was a gorgeous campground right on a river, we had a fire and set up the tent and crashed, we were so exhausted! The next day we headed across North Dakota.... all day. Yes, all day. We made it into a campground in Montana... that was... bizarre. It was right at the end of "town" and was just a ring of sites... around which the locals drove around and around all evening until the Park Ranger gave US a key to lock up the park.... WHAT? But it was next to the beautiful Rosebud river.... and was a good nights rest. Saturday was an interesting day of driving. Montana is beautiful, Idaho is beautiful, SNOW is beautiful! HA! We drove through the Sawtooth Mountains until Stanley, ID (look on a map... its deep in the mountains!) It was extremely snowy and slippery on the mountain roads, so I suggested (maybe insisted) that Andrew and I stay in a motel that night... he grumbled that it wouldn't be as fun, but agreed anyways ;) We woke up bright and early Sunday to drive to Boise for me to leave Andrew at the airport as I continued my journey to Fairfield. The drive was gorgeous! We saw a herd of elk, a fox, and a radio collared WOLF, an extremely rare sight! Then a tearful goodbye and onto the bustling town of Fairfield, population 400... including sheep. HA.

More on the fairfield adventure later. Enjoy the Pics!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Closing Time

Well, today is my last night in Madison! Tomorrow my parents will be coming in and helping me move out of my apartment... then I drive up to Trout Lake to meet Andrew. We then head to the Twin Cities to drop off his truck at his Aunt Laura's house, he hops in Bert (my car) then we head West! There is so much to do before I leave, so many people to see, so many goodbyes to say... I am overwhelmed. I am so lucky to have all of you in my life... I couldn't ask for anything more!

This is a new and scary stage of my life, I am a college grad moving away from friends and family, and come August will be jobless and homeless! Yikes!

So keep me in your thoughts as I embark on this awesome adventure!

Love you all.