Thursday, October 28, 2010

Long Lost Blogger

Hello! Life has been extremely busy! Surfing, fishing, knitting, wine tasting, parents visits, Packer parties (yes out here too!!), seals, sea lions, mold, coastal storms, orchestra concerts, and good food.

Ben waiting for a fish to hit the net
Angela looking like a serial killer to keep warm :)
Wendy in Warrior Pose to keep warm
Andrew and his mom at Cape Kiwanda
Harbor in Garibaldi, OR the Crabbing site!

Me giving some lovin' to my crab
Andrew with a very angry crab
We have had many fun adventures, the double wide is becoming an adventure as well. We have a new pet, its really gross and unwanted, we have named it Moldy because it is, well, Mold. We are in the process of cleaning and talking to the landlord, so hopefully we can move out before our lease is up.

On the job front, a storm has moved in, and contrary to popular belief it isn't safe to be on a metal boat in a lightning storm! The river has been rockin' and rollin' with all the influx of storm water so we have not been able to fish for a week! To add insult to injury a sea lion camped out on the dock right next to our fishing hole, apparently he is the only one getting fish. (Pictures to come, they are on Andrew's camera at the moment)

More to come later! Love!