Friday, February 17, 2012

Runnin' Runnin'

Since I have been home, I have gotten back into running. I ran the Sampson Stomp 5k in January and the Steve Cullen 8k in February, and am signed up for a St. Patrick's Day 5k.
Samson Stomp 5k with Andrew, Hans, Aunt Mary, and mom!
The 5k was a bit brutal as I hadn't trained much at all and it was terribly cold out that morning. However, once the race got going the sun came out and it was perfect. Andrew led the way and finished first in our little family team with no training he rocked a 27:56 . Mom was hot on his heels (as you can see here), then Mary and Hans finished holding hands (insert awe here), then finally I rolled in last out of our group (not embarassing at all!). I finished in 32:38 , not terrible for no training. This St. Patrick's Day race you will see smoke coming from my shoes!

Mom and I bundled for the Steve Cullen 8k, the wind chill was -8 that day... brutal.
The 8k was a bit more challenging. I have never run a 5 mile race, and I had just four days before ran 5 continuous miles. I was nervous. It was so terribly cold out that I almost backed out, I am so glad I didn't. It was so rewarding crossing that finish line. Mom and I paced ourselves just to finish, nothing fancy, no injuries. So we finished at a verry slow time, but guess what, we finished.
So cheers to a very busy Mardi Gras weekend (working every night this weekend), stay safe and have fun!

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