Monday, March 22, 2010

The Checklist

So I am slowly, but surely creating a checklist of things to do before I go and things I need for Idaho. Feel free to add things if you think I need 'em!

Things I need:
1. Car!!!
2. Sleeping Bag
3. Cooler
4. Hiking Boots
5. Field Clothes
6. Headlamp
7. Baby wipes for field showers
8. My bike
9. Headlamp
10. Rubbermaid food bin
11. Camp chair
12. Stationary for PEN PALS!!!

Things to do:
1. Goodwill a bunch of clothes
2. Pack up my room in Madison
3. Get in shape for field work!


  1. good boots are nice and everything, but make sure you have them broken in first...start wearing them now!!

  2. Anonymous... or Andrew... Psh these boots are realll broken in. :)

  3. be prepared to do a lot of hiking in your waders and/or wader boots...