Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sawtooth National Forest

So I have accepted the internship through SCA (Student Conservation Association) and will be heading out to Idaho at the end of May!

I will be sampling Idaho streams/rivers for Bull Trout. Bull Trout are an indicator species for ecosystem health. On most days we will hike 10 miles to our sample reaches with a 40 pound pack, wade in the streams while electrofishing, then either hike out, or camp if the next sample site is close enough. It will be a true test of myself!

I have four days of Forest Service Training beginning on May 24th, then after a quick trip back for Miss Vanessa Stock's wedding, I will be out in the field until August.

I am trying to keep concentrated on these last weeks of school, but that is proving extremely difficult! Hopefully spring break up in Ashland, WI will be just the break I need!

Well, more once I know more!!

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