Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feels like Home

My friend Kim on the spawning grounds!

So the job goes on, we are on to spawning surveys. Lots of carcasses, lots of hiking, lots of floating on pontoon boats down rapids (pretty awesome!). The downside is the Oregon weather which has us at her mercy. Every time we get in a rhythm in surveys we get a big rainstorm and the river turns to chocolate milk and is un-surveyable. So it gives me days like this to blog and knit! Pros and cons!

 Last weekend Andrew and I went to our neighbors tree farm and picked out our first Christmas tree! We have really made the farmhouse into our home... I love it! 
Our tree is the flagged one :)
Our living room!

Cheesy :)

Relaxing on the back porch while the sun sets

The view from our back porch

Happy December!

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  1. Aw JB I miss you!!! Happy holidays girl. You're the sweetest