Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Chapter

Working up a fish with Ben

Cutting the tail off so we don't sample it again later
The boats we used for surveys

All geared up to go survey!
So the Chinook season is over :(  and now my unemployment kick begins (hopefully not for long). I had my first day of Fisheries Management Graduate Certificate classes online through Oregon State University, and it will be a lot of reading, but it is extremely interesting so far. I am taking two classes, Environmental Politics and Policy and Stock Assessment for Managers, should be exciting!

A choice blurb from my reading for this week: "Resource problems are not really environmental problems: They are human problems that we have created at many times in many places, under a variety of political, social, and economic systems" (Ludwig et al 1993).

I will try and give some quotes from my readings each week! It will probably help me study!

Christmas at home with 4 generations!

 Andrew and I went to Eastern Oregon to visit his sister and her boyfriend, and we got a little skiing in as well!
Anthony Lakes Ski Resort near La Grande, OR
Andrew and I all geared up to ski!

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