Sunday, March 20, 2011

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Andrew and I have started our first week of work, and we have had some interesting experiences!! My job is on the Nehalem River marking adult steelhead and juvenile steelhead, coho, and Chinook. With our high water events trapping is slow, but it is kind of nice to ease into learning juvenile identification and a new River basin (Will bring camera tomorrow!). My new work schedule is Friday to Tuesday which will be strange to get used to, but not as difficult as Andrew... who started last Monday and has yet to have a day off... and won't have one until Friday!! 
He is enjoying himself though, digging trenches and building tunnels in preparation for cormorant spooking. 
Ginny is doing well, she is growing like a little weed. She is a cuddler, and a yarn bandit, and has terrible gas... all in all she fits right in :)

My first term at OSU is OVER!!! YAHOO!  This next term I will only be taking one course because I am working now! 

Well, that is all for now, Happy first day of Spring!

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