Tuesday, March 1, 2011

These wheels keep on turning!

Andrew and I at a Mardi Gras Parade!
I am now back on the rainy, cold Oregon coast. The week down south was a lot of fun, Andrew had to work a lot, but we ate great food, sat in the sun, and saw lots of neat things! 
My new kitty, Ginny!
When I got back, I picked up my new baby girl, Ginny from United Paws. She is 6 months old and a little runtie! We had our first sleepover last night, and she cried alllllll night long, but it wasn't too bad. She is a big purring lover butt, so needless to say, I'm having a blast!
On other very exciting news, Andrew and I will be moving across the country (again!). I have gotten an opportunity to go on for my Master's with a professor at University of Southern Maine. The professor has many projects that she has ideas for me to work on, ranging from saltmarsh restoration to alewife fish ecology to oysters! I would start in August, and continue until my thesis is completed (generally 2-3 years).  Andrew has an opportunity at USM as well, the professor who set up the loon study in the gulf is also a prof at USM. He has mentioned to Andrew his interest in taking him on as a Master's student!!
Andrew is still in the early stages with his professor (Jim Paruk for all you Northlanders), and I am just waiting to be accepted by the actual graduate school, as my funding and everything is all set through Professor Karen Wilson's lab. 
This is all so exciting, but it is a little scary moving across the country where we don't know anyone, but it will be an adventure!!!

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  1. wow, we look really really ridiculously good in those masks...say hi to Ginny for me!