Thursday, April 7, 2011

New fun with an old camera!

When I was in Wisconsin last, I found the camera that I had used through all of my high school photography classes. I brought said camera back, bought some film and a new battery and Andrew and I went off on a photo adventure!
Homemade Sushi!
Making sushi for A&J date night!

exploring a beach with the "new" camera
So those are a few off of our first rolls, hopefully some more to come!
Bridge across North Fork Nehalem that I cross to get to our Upper Trap

 Work has been slow with all the rain we have had as of late... but the past  two days have been sunny... so here's hoping for a little pick up!
Coworker Jitesh putting trap back into the current
Jitesh on the trap
We also scored a free recliner which Ginny is claiming as her own... she does like to share though :)

Well, Happy Brewer's Season everyone! 

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