Thursday, April 21, 2011

a very happy birthday.

Last week Andrew and I went down to visit Dunham and Jenn for the Du-ham's birthday. (For you non-Northlander's) Dunham was in Moosebeard and the Beardless Bandits, Andrew's college band. We packed Ginny the kitty and introduced her to C &J's two kitties... they had a blast and so did we.
Dunham in his spiffy BLM outfit teaching us about tidepools

Jenn and I roving the tide pools
I swear I was looking at the surf and not just peering at chris and jenn...

Andrew practicing cormorant capturing
The sun is finally out, I have gotten out of my crafting slump... new projects are on the rise my friends!

I am now however in a music slump... any suggestions?

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