Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh, yes. They make terrific pair. They went together like lamb and tuna fish.

With Andrew living close enough to come home once a week, we have started "dating." Ha! We have been going on little dates each week (insert awwww here): two weeks ago we made sushi together, last week we mountain biked around the Nehalem River, and this week we hiked Mt. Neahkahnie. We are trying to make the most of our Oregon days, as we are hoping to move to Maine in the fall (yes, admissions is moving slower than molasses insert frustrated grumbles here).
View from the top (Yes, the sun was actually shining!)

Photo especially for Gene East!
We are also getting ready for a few more traveling adventures: Max and Lorraine's wedding in a few weeks, Will and Erin's wedding in July, and Marty and Cassie's wedding in October! I am a sucker for weddings, so I cannot wait!!

*Title is a quote from the movie Big Daddy!!*

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