Friday, September 9, 2011

Hello Again!

Back deck at our friend Jitesh's
Wow, it has been awhile since my last post!

It has been a full year since Andrew and I moved out to Oregon and for our last few months here we are back where we started! I am sitting in Stimulus Coffee Shop looking out to Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City working nights marking Chinook salmon and living in a doublewide trailer. This past year has been a constant adventure... living in 5 different homes both together and separate from each other, many different jobs from marking Chinook to banding cormorants we have been all around this Oregon coast.

Adult Wild Chinook male
This season with ODFW Chinook is off to a great start, but I find myself trying to soak it all up because we will be leaving the Oregon Coast for good in a few short months. Our futures are becoming more and more clear with each passing day, we will be moving to Louisiana for January to March working on Andrew's graduate project with common loons in the Gulf, then up to the Northeast to band all the loons we can before we start grad school in the fall at University of Southern Maine. Andrew will for sure be starting at USM next fall, and I have gotten my GRE scores and am gathering my application materials carefully to be sure I am accepted as well.

Will try and keep you all more updated...I am trying to take more pictures of the Chinook than last year!!


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