Saturday, September 24, 2011

you and me goin fishin in the dark!

Andrew and I at our new found river spot behind the doublewide!
Well here we are in the depths of Chinook season again! We have been already tagged over half of the fish that we tagged last year, with a lot of season left! So that is a good sign for our marking skills, AND for the fish run!

Bit Blurry, but a good sized wild adult male chinook! (About a meter long!)

Coworker Julia on our Tagging mortality float (Found none!)

It hasn't started raining....yet. So the fish are still holding down near the mouth of the river, once a little bit of rain comes we should be elbow deep in them! (Keep your fingers crossed!) Working nights has caused all of our crew to feel like we are in a time warp, so if we don't call or write in a timely manner... it's because we generally have no idea what day it is, and are generally not awake during normal business hours. Please forgive us. We will be back to the real world come November.

7 Days until we are back home for the Marty and Cassy Wedding extravaganza! Yahoo!

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