Sunday, December 11, 2011

Update on the 25 before 25

25 Goals before 25 years old (in no particular order) as seen at Birthday Reflection
Here we are six months in already! Sheesh I'm getting old!
1. Get into Grad School
 -- Application is in, decision comes between January and February.
2. Finish a 5k race
 -- Signed up for the Samson Stomp and Romp in Milwaukee on Jan 15th with Mom!
3. Continue on my weight loss goal (i'll keep my number to myself ;) im already down 15!)
-- Down 5 more!!
4. Find a job/grad school/something where Andrew and I can actually live together!
-- Well.... or we could just increase our distance 1500 miles again...
5. Complete my Fisheries Management Graduate Certificate with OSU
-- DONE!!!!!
Map of the Nestucca River fall Chinook spawning habitat!

6. Publish a report through ODFW
-- Not sure if my report will get published... we shall see.
7. Learn a new knitting pattern
-- knitting myself a cowl!
8. read 25 new books
-- 8 read so far... will do a blog on my favorites and have a list compiled :)
9. buy myself a new nice road bike
-- Got my eye on a hand-me-down from my good friend Jitesh!
10. Purge all my unnecessary crap
-- this move is seriously helping!
11. Learn how to crochet
12. go kayaking
13. go backpacking for fun not just for work
14. Boundary Waters Trip!
15. spend some good quality cousin time
16. actually keep up with my journal. (whoops)
17. Learn how to tie knots. (embarrassing... I know).
18. send a postcard to Myanmar (hey karrrri!)
19. Be better at skype dates... at least one skype date a month!
20. Get back to my localtarian diet... I have been indulging in a lot of bacon lately... ruh roh!
-- Thanks to friend Mike, been eating Oregon blacktail and black bear
21. Watch more documentaries than Rom Com's... I will keep a tally! haha.
-- 180 degrees South... good soundtrack, beautiful cinematography 
22. Hike Mount Hood. Bam.
-- this might not happen.  :(
23. Visit friends in their new homes (Washington, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Utah, Ocon (Jan!)(leave me your new home and I will try and visit you!))
-- Missoula to visit Chuck, Laura and Rodney on our trek across 'Merica
24. Visit a Foreign country (Canada counts! I haven't been there in years!)
25. See some more live music in Portland!
-- Saw B.B. King on November 20th! Happy Birthday Andrew!!

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