Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Astoria, Oregon....doesn't it just sound wonderful?

Well, big news on job front for Andrew! He is now down in New Orleans chasing oiled birds from the BP spill. He has two bases that he works out of, one in Port Sulphur, Louisiana and the other in Mississippi (not sure of the town yet). In Port Sulphur he has a dorm that he is in with around 6 other people, he isn't really sure how many people are there yet as he just got there yesterday! At the dorm lunch and dinner are catered! Which would be great for normal people, but Andrew loves to cook... so we shall see how long it takes before he becomes the caterer :)

He also got the cormorant capture job up in Astoria starting on March 15th. So he will leave the gulf and go right there, so I am hoping I will already be there (fingers crossed). With the cormie job it is mandatory to live in the provided housing, so we wouldn't live together, but we would be near each other!!
For me, I am just plucking up the courage to call the Astoria job and see where things are, I am always so awkward at that! But the three classes I am taking online are really filling up my time! I am hoping to have life a little more figured out at the end of this week... but then again, who knows.

I am super excited to be home in Wisconsin for a
week in February, I am looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces!

Well, everyone keep thinking Astoria!

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