Friday, January 28, 2011

Keep On Keepin' On

Small waterfall in the Tillamook State Forest
Life is changing quickly. Andrew has been in the Gulf for two weeks already, still no loon captures! He is becoming more frustrated... but it will get better soon, I'm sure. I accepted another seasonal job here in Tillamook for the summer. I will be working on screw traps capturing juvenile salmonids. It should be really fun, and give me more experience with fish ID. I didn't get the permanent position in Astoria, they interviewed the gentleman that had been doing the job as seasonal work for the past four years, so naturally he got it. This means more long distance for Andrew and I, for another 5 or so months. I am moving a bit further north in a town called Wheeler, to decrease the distance between us. We will be an hour apart, so it shouldn't be too bad! My new apartment is adorable, has a great view, and I can have a kitty there! That should make living alone doable (not that I really want to be a cat lady... but it will have to do).

I have been passing the time with crafts... I am working on two gifts (I will post pictures once they are given!) and I made a pillow case for my body pillow. I had never sewn anything like this, my sewing has been limited to patching... so I was pretty impressed with myself!

Next week I head home to Wisconsin, I can't wait to see all my friends and family. It will be a great vacation!

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