Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ughhhh Tillamook!

So I have just a minor rant. 

a) Why does all of Tillamook shut down on Sunday's????? No library, no coffee shops, I am sitting in a freaking Starbucks in the Fred Meyer. Ughh.

b) Why does Starbucks hate the world? No option for a "for here" mug? I need the cup, lid, and sleeve while I never leave the store? I hope that isn't practice in all Starbucks. I am not a Starbucks goer, from working at Espresso Royale in Madison I loathed the people that came in and asked for venti/ginormous/whatever the stupid sizes are, I mean C'mon. Small, Medium, Large, and a for here cup please, thanks. And OOOOO the cups are made with 10% post-consumer recycled paper, well I'm guessing the liner they put in it isn't recyclable... so lets all jump back to the landfill!

What my days are filled with
Ridiculous Bookmarks available at the library
Uggh. I just want the library open so I can sneak my own coffee in and study in peace. 

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