Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gotta Get Outta that Funk

Tillamook State Forest, Oregon
Unemployment, boyfriend 2,711 miles away (4, 363 km), and living alone really don’t suit me. I have struggled through this week I won’t lie to you. And yes, it has only been technically 22 days of unemployment and 4 days since Andrew left and me living alone… what can I say, I am not a loner. School should keep me busy, but it isn’t a fun busy, so it doesn’t really help. To put my life in perspective though, there are thousands of military spouses that go days/weeks/months/years without hearing from their spouses, or even knowing if they are alive. I am lucky enough to talk to or text with Andrew everyday, so I need to just stop complaining!

My friends here on the coast have been awesome, visiting with me, drinking with me, and taking me sturgeon fishing! You folks keep me sane J.

Sturgeon fishing with Mike, Jon, and Robin! 1/22/11
So my main goal is to stay positive and stay busy. Tomorrow is the great Packer/Bear game, and Monday is my interview for a permanent job in Astoria, so keeping busy should be no problem for the next couple days!

Hope you are all staying positive and staying busy!

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  1. Your pictures are amazing! I miss you, Jess! I feel ya on the unemployment. I'm going through it too. I love your bloggy and I'm so glad you have it because it makes me feel like I'm right there with you!